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Henan Oriental Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Global Cement Silo
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1.Pre-sale services: Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients; enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
• Selecting equipment type;
• Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements of the clients;
• Training technical personnel for our clients;
• Providing construction and technology consultations or working out proper construction schemes for those new, special or difficult projects.
2. Services during the sale
Respect clients; devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.
● Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery;
● help clients to draft solution.
3. After-sale services: Improve the added value of our products, and let the clients free from the using troubles.
Provide considerate services to minimize clients' worries.
●Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
●Install and debug the equipment;
●Train the first-line operators on site;
●Examine the equipment regularly;
●Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site;
●Distribute the guarantee fittings door-to-door;
●provide perfect service;
●Provide technical exchanging;
●Provide maintenance for big items.
● Highly inspecting equipments in every working procedure, quality comes first;
● Fast & Safe Delivery; 
● Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipments;
● Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipments; 
● Training the first-line operators on site; 
● Regularly visit clients to solve production problems;
● Providing life-long maintenance service;
● Providing technical exchanging; 
Concrete Mixer About Us

Welcome to the Henan Oriental Machinery

Henan Oriental Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-designated manufacturer and exporter of Road and Building construction machineries since 1989, We are the manufacturer ,supplier&exporter of semi-automatic and full-automatic dry mortar mixing plants,large and medium size of concrete mixing plants,all kinds of concrete mixers and cement silos
Oriental pays more attention to the international technical communication and cooperation, adopts advanced technology and craftworks of USA, Germany, Australia and so on, and establishes the advanced production line and inspection base. The company owns an independent research centre to innovate and develop new products.
Oriental owns a service team that has rich experience and skillful technique. According to customers' demand, we supply the services in a flexible way not only the traditional services but also the Internet on-line services. We try our best to carve out market and provide services all the time
What customers demands are what we are trying to create,and what customers are satisfied with are what we are pursuing ,in last two decade years ,staff in Oriental continuously create,overstep ourselves and insist on development is firm principle,the brand with product quality and promoting the brand with service ,staff of Oriental are making great,efforts to do the biggest contribution for International mechanical industry.

2013 New Concrete mixer For Sale Cooperation Dealers

2013 New Concrete mixer For Sale Cooperation Dealers...

How to clean a cement silo mixer

concrete mixer before starting first check that the controller is good after a work stoppage, water and stones into the mixing barrel 10 to 15 minutes of cleaning, and then water and Shi Ziqing out. Operators need to enter the mixing barrel cleaning, ...

JS Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer-JS series is actually a twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer JS series is mainly used for HZS series of concrete mixing station use, the JS series concrete mixer is also known as engineering concret...

JZC350 type cone reversal discharge concrete mixer

This JZC350 type cone reversal discharge concrete mixer belongs to the reverse from the drop-type biconical material mobile concrete mixer, mixing plastic and semi-hard concrete....

Note that cleaning concrete mixer

With the development in recent years, the construction of new rural construction, urban renewal, as well as other aspects of development, roads, bridges, housing, etc. are to flourish, concrete as the most important materials in construction projects,...


DIESEL MIXER WHEEL in accordance with the concrete mixer specification requirements, inspection and commissioning of various systems and components itemized. Empty running, check the mixing tube or mixing of the rotation direction of the leaf, operat...

Type of concrete machinery products

Type of concrete machinery products...

Overloaded operation of the concrete mixer

1. concrete mixer according to the required concrete ratio to determine the quantity of water supply and adjust the continued point device to the corresponding water supply time; 2.Start concrete mixer, stir the motor running;...

The principle of engine oil consumption

First, the engine is an internal high-speed operation of the machine, have a relative motion of the cylinder block and connecting rod, cylinder head and valve train, intake and exhaust systems, fuel, lubrication, and speed control system, so they need...

Resolve safety concrete mixer process

Concrete mixer: the JS series, the JZM series, JZC series, JD / by JDC / JDY series, JW series can mix plastic, dry concrete, attractive appearance, light weight, easy to move. Using concrete mixer must pay attention to these matters:...

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